Nichelle Joi

Youth Author, Coach

Sixteen year old Nichelle Joi enjoys reading, creative writing and spending time with her family and friends.

She is an exceptional dancer, who trained this past summer at The Debbie Allen Summer Intensive program, a talented violinist, and an up-and-coming filmmaker whose short films have won State awards.

Nichelle is no novice to writing. Two of her books, The Joys of Writing: Short Stories for Kids and The Great Adventures: The Mystery of the Missing Artifacts, were written before she reached the age of ten. Both books were featured in the African American Literary Festival at Chicago’s Harold Washington Library and The Chicago Citizen newspaper. With her third book, Beautiful Brown Child, written at fourteen, Nichelle recorded an adorable visual narrative read by 45 of the beautiful brown children she calls her ‘little siblings.’

She also adds to her writing credits the theme song for Claudette’s Miraculous Motown Adventure, written for the First Lady of Motown, Claudette Robinson.

Currently, Nichelle is entering her junior year of high school and lives in Illinois with her parents and older brother. She aspires to study filmmaking at the University of Southern California.