Marilyn Alexander

Conference Host

Since childhood, Marilyn Alexander has had a love for writing and for the English language, both spoken and written. Her journey to publishing began because of her firm belief that everyone has a story . . . something they need to share, to reveal or to teach.

As is the proprietor of what is now Heavenly Enterprises Midwest, Ltd. Birthed out of a growing need for graphic design, her Pastor, Charlene Crossley, commissioned Heavenly Printing and Wedding Services in 1992. Marilyn has not only built a company that assists with graphic design but with printing and publishing as well.

Her publishing company began in 2006, when Apostle John Eckhardt requested that she print two of his new books, Marine Demons and The Shamar Prophet. This request brought more authors, and the company’s services increased from just printing to what is now a full-service self-publishing company. Now, with more than a decade in the printing and publishing industry, Marilyn has been, and continues to be, deeply involved with every aspect of publishing.

As a conference speaker, workshop facilitator, writing coach and mentor, Marilyn discovered a pattern: many of the authors who contracted with her lacked the ability to take their ideas from concept to completed manuscript. So in 2012 another component of the vision unfolded, which included author coaching, a forum that allows both established writers and aspiring authors a platform to express their literary creativity.

In April of 2015, she hosted the first Destined To Publish Authors Conference! The way God would have it, the first publishing client, Apostle John Eckhardt, launched the inaugural conference and was the first keynote speaker, just as he launched the publishing company years earlier.

Marilyn has assisted and partnered with authors worldwide to take their content to the next level. Her passion for publishing and consulting is evident in the care and pride she takes in helping produce top-quality content. Her primary focus is to help authors thrive within the literary marketplace.

She has a God-given ability to not only encourage new and upcoming authors and launch them into their writing destiny, but to reignite the creativity of authors who have published in the past. It is with this spirit that Marilyn and her team have created a comprehensive curriculum that has enhanced her vision of helping authors self-publish with support; she believes that no author should have to publish alone.

Marilyn and her husband Joey have been married for more than twenty years;; they have two brilliantly talented children, Joseph and Nichelle, and currently live in the southern suburbs of Chicago.